I’ve been pretty busy in the workshop of late making a panel/screen in Douglas Fir to complement some gates I made last year (I’ll add some photos of these to the Joinery section of Galleries) and a balcony for the same customer.

I was provided with an outline drawing, but finalised the details and design myself. This is also made from Douglas Fir in nice, chunky 80mm x 80mm sections. The joinery is all double floating tenons, and took a bit of head scratching to decide the order in which to glue up, but it all went well without too many dramas.

Weather permitting I will fit this on Thursday of this week, it will be nice to see this one installed as it’s been on the drawing board since about October 2012.

Yesterday saw the day of installation, it was a long time coming and to say that I was excited to see it go up in the air is an understatement. Everything went pretty well, and by the end of the day I just had a couple of fixings and the decking to install, those both got done today (in the rain unfortunately)

The customer is pleased, and there is even talk of a new porch later in the year.

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